Variety of dental services for the whole family

According to a recent article from CTV, the average one-way commuting time in the GTA is 42 minutes. If you’re in York Region (which many of our patients are), add on another 11 minutes to bring the average commuting time to just under an hour. Multiply that by two, and that’s nearly two hours of the day just to get to and from work…that doesn’t include errands, social commitments, volunteering or taking family members to activities or appointments. Time really does fly!

There are some dental offices in Richmond Hill that are open part of the day on Saturday, but those appointments tend to fill up quickly and this can delay seeing a dentist in a timely manner. The Canadian Dental Association recommends seeing a dentist regularly (i.e. every six months) for a checkup and cleaning. If we worked a partial day on Saturday, it could be difficult for some patients to see a dentist as often as they need to.

For these reasons, our team is available to serve patients for eight hours every Saturday, and we’re open two nights during the week (Monday and Friday) until 8:00 p.m.

Family Dentistry

Visiting the dentist can cause anxiety for some patients, so we aim to make every patient feel as comfortable as possible at Hummingbird Dental. Our modern, welcoming dental office in Richmond Hill has all of the amenities to help you feel calm, comfortable and relaxed as you receive the best dental care. We guarantee short waiting times, incredible care from our hygienists and dentists and a follow up from our staff. We truly care about our patients!

General Dentistry

If you need a root canal, teeth cleaning, fillings, oral cancer screenings or any other general procedure, we will gladly schedule a consultation for you. In addition to general services, you may be interested in cosmetic dentistry to help make your healthy smile glow even brighter!

Restorative Dentistry

If you have constant toothaches, missing or broken teeth that hinder your self-confidence, our restorative procedures may be just what you need to improve your smile. At Hummingbird Dental we offer restorative procedures such as tooth replacements, permanent and removable dentures, veneers, bridges and dental implants. We’ll help you choose the right dental treatment to give you your best smile ever!

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