Friendly & Reliable Dentists in Richmond Hill

When we ask our long-term patients why they chose us to be their family dentist, these are the most common reasons we are the best dentist for them.

We gain their trust. From a friendly greeting to telling us exactly what will happen during the appointment, our patients feel safe and comfortable in our care.
We can provide dental care in five different languages (English, Persian, Russian, Hindi and Urdu).
With extended business hours and online booking capability, it is really easy to find a time to come to the dentist.

They know that they can count us during an emergency situation.

We offer a variety of dental services to cater for everyone irrespective of age. In a bid to diversify our dental services, we also have dentistry for kids. This caters for the oral health of your children; it ensures that our children also get to enjoy and benefit from our professional dental services.

Pediatric Dentistry targets children of any age between infancy all the way to their teens. We have a team of qualified dentists who understand and have the experience to deal with all kinds of oral issues faced by children as their teeth grow and continue to develop.

What most parents may not know or realize is that children too require proper dental care from the time their first set of teeth begin to grow, usually at the age of 6 months, all the way to when they start losing them and growing permanent teeth at the age of between 6 and 7 years.

Why dentistry specifically for kids?

Unlike adults, children do not have the patience to sit down and cooperate with a dentist during a dental exam session. Dealing with them in such crucial times requires much more than what an ordinary dentist can offer.

Children dentists know how to handle children in ways that ensure they are comfortable enough to sit through an entire session. They, pediatric dentists, also make use of special equipment and work in spaces designed and arranged with children in mind. When you child requires a dental exam or needs a procedure done, you can be sure that our skilled team in the family dentistry are more than qualified and able to deal with whatever complications they may have.

Call our family dentistry practice to set up a consultation and learn more about the process.

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